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30th International Fashion & Photography Festival in Hyères / April 2015, 23 to April 2015, 27

The International Textile and Fashion Conferences are an initiative of the Fédération française de la couture, du prêt à porter des couturiers et des créateurs de mode in association with DEFI - Comité Professionnel de l’Habillement and in collaboration with the Institut Français de la Mode.

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> Friday, April the 24th, 2015

Villa La Romaine
With the contribution of : Louise Bernard (Ecole nationale des ponts et chaussées), Alaric Bey (IFM), Massimo Filacchione (ESCP Europe) et Emma Lecocq (Sciences Po Paris)

Supervised by Pascal Morand, Directeur Général Adjoint, chargé des études et de la mission consultative, Chambre de Commerce et d’Industrie Paris Ile-de-France

Villa Noailles, Tent dedicated to Conferences

Conference synthesis: During the Master Class which took place at the 15th edition of the International Textile and Fashion Conferences of the Hyères Festival, Karl Lagerfeld stressed, notably to the future designers in the audience, that creation is not an exact science. "Everything depends on what the person - designer, couturier or a photographer - wants to do and can do," Lagerfeld told fashion editor Godfrey Deeny who moderated this Master Class. Facing the audience and the Festival’s Jury, Lagerfeld discussed his varied sources of inspiration, his career path, his passions, and distilled advice to the future design talents discovered at the Festival. "I design the same way I take photographs: quickly," he said. "There is no pre-established recipe to trust throughout one’s entire career. I still don’t know if I was made for the field I work in, nor do I know where my talent comes from. I do know, however, that I have never stopped improving my skills. Today, I no longer waste time to make my visions a reality". Attendees were treated to nearly an hour of listening to Lagerfeld explain how he pursues design and photography. "Honestly, I have always been as a couturier interested in photography, analog or digital. You cannot compare the two, in the same way that it’s impossible and vain to compare two life cycles". Prior to interviewing Lagerfeld, Godfrey Deeny spoke with Jean-Pierre Blanc, the Festival director about the history of this major event, founded in 1986.

> Saturday, April the 25th, 2015

Villa Noailles, Tent dedicated to Conferences
Moderated by Jessica Michault, Rédactrice en Chef, Nowfashion.com

Speakers :
Michel Campan, Fondateur et Président, Same Same but different ;
Jean Charles de Castelbajac, Créateur ;
Felipe Oliveira Baptista, Créateur ;
Uche Pézard, Executive Director, Luxe Corp ;
Simon Porte Jacquemus, Fondateur et directeur artistique ; Jacquemus

Conference synthesis: Instagram reached a turning point in is operations with the March 2015 launch of advertising banners in its image feeds. With this move, is Instagram losing its caché of showing someone’s personal, intimacy side via images, the exact thing that made it so unique and strong in the first place? With Jessica Michault moderatingJean-Charles de Castelbajac, Simon Jacquemus and Felipe Oliveira Baptista confirmed that Instagram offered them, often daily, a creative link and a freedom of expression, that weaves in and out of public and private domains. Consultants Michel Campan and Uche Pézard outlined the strategic power of Instagram; how it compares to the powerful Chinese network WeChat which goes a few steps further than Instagram with e-commerce and messaging capabilities; and, Instagram’s ability to create significant client data bases, along the same lines of Facebook. While some certainly think that Instagram has sold out with its policy to allow advertising, others believe that the Asian market is particularly thirsty for this inevitable change which reflects their personal buying choices. In any case, the number of followers a label can achieve, the visibility potential of profiles remains a strong and credible Internet vehicle of communication if one’s brand has the ability to build on Instagram and its image-based foundation a coherent "voice" along with a corresponding and pertinent message.


Villa Noailles, Tent dedicated to Conferences
Discussion between Jean-Pierre Giran, Député-Maire d’Hyères, and Pascal Morand, Directeur Général Adjoint, chargé des études et de la mission consultative, Chambre de Commerce et d’Industrie Paris Ile-de-France

Conference synthesis: This important subject was the topic of discussion between Pascal Morand and the Deputy-Mayor of Hyères, Jean-Pierre Giran. Giran, an elected official for the Var region of France, compared the political action and artistic activity of designers that both "allow for advancement and the ability to escape banality." Mr. Giran also stated how proud he was to see the growth of the International Fashion and Photography Festival, said it was "a present that Jean-Pierre Blanc, child from Hyères, gave back to his city", and underscored the citizen-like dimension of this kind of event. Mr. Giran, an economist and author of numerous publications, referred to the Austrian School of Economics and in particular to Joseph Schumpeter who believed that economy and society are always in motion. He stressed the role of entrepreneurs because they bring their energy and creativity to the forefront of business while having the ability to anticipate trends that will lead to profound change, just like great fashion designers. Schumpeter described this phenomenon as "creative destruction". Nothing is set in stone and nothing ever should be. In this vein, France should more actively encourage professional mobility. "The employees, the young workers, cannot stand still in a world which is constantly changing."


Villa Noailles, Tent dedicated to Conferences
Coordinated and moderated by Pascal Morand, Directeur Général Adjoint, chargé des études et de la mission consultative, Chambre de Commerce et d’Industrie Paris Ile-de-France
Introduction : Students Think Tank Ecoles des Ponts Paristech, ESCP Europe, IFM, Sciences Po Paris

Speakers :
Giusy Bettoni, CEO and Founder, C.L.A.S.S., Member of the Advisory Board of ECO AGE (The Green Carpet Challenge™) ;
Marie-Claire Daveu, Directrice du Développement durable et des Affaires institutionnelles internationales, Kering ;
Hervé Fretay, Directeur des Naturels pour la Parfumerie, Givaudan ;
François-Ghislain Morillion, Cofondateur, Veja, Cofondateur, Centre Commercial


Conference synthesis : Pascal Morand moderated a panel featuring Giusy Bettoni, Marie-Claire Daveu, Hervé Fretay and François-Ghislain Morillion who all insisted the need for sustainable development to be an integral part of the companies development strategy. Everyone agreed that it was time to get rid of the restrictive image that the sustainability concept still symbolizes, that sustainability is too often perceived as a problem rather than an issue of shared values. The panelists also lobbied for an increased use of big data which would be useful in helping companies to strenghten their responsibility in their production and sales of their goods process. It is critical for industry to communicate differently and more effectively on sustainable development, not only in their outreach to consumers but also to existing and potential business partners. The production and sales chains should be involved in the local creation of values. For example, traditional perfumery which imported the bulk of the raw materials it needs for production tries now to source their materials nearby. The sustainability of production of those materials on a local level allows companies to discover new ways to recycle, or determine new ways to use waste in these new processes. Sustainable development is an undeniable tool of progress and presents a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs to stimulate a spirit of innovation, to empower practices and to generate a true virtuous circle.
This discussion was preceded by a Think Tank comprised of students from the Ecole nationale des ponts et chaussées, IFM, ESCP Europe and Sciences Po Paris. The students discussed serious opportunities for sustainable development: the economy of service functionality and work on business models; the opportunity to use big data to better understand consumers and to optimize logistics; a more responsible approach to sourcing raw materials in a framework of shared values; constant education of consumers; and the pursuit of competence synergies to advance issues.

Villa Noailles, Tent dedicated to Conferences
Sølve Sundsbø, Photographe and Raphaëlle Stopin, Curator. 



Conference synthesis : Norwegian fashion photographer Sølve Sundsbø, a former winner of the 1999 Festival and Jury member this year, discussed his prolific career with Raphaëlle Stopin, the moderator of this conference. From his first photos to his use of new technology, Sundsbø revealed the polymorphous nature of his work. The photographer expressed his vision of the image of fashion which should more focus on creating style, than just being about fashion for fashion’s sake. He was asked about his relationship with models, the use — or not – of digital photo retouching, the various publications he’s worked with and the difference in work process between editorial work and advertising. Sundsbø feels that fashion offers him a framework that encourages the creation of captivating images that owe their impact to the skills used to achieve the images. Sundsbø then discussed a series of photographs, from his first black and white pictures shot in London, to his more conceptual and iconic images, including the male nude shot for the M7 fragrance for Yves Saint Laurent. "I think I was the first to set the stage with a nude man, showing him in a vulnerable position. At the time, this photo was considered shocking. But fashion photography must fight stereotypes and misogeny which continue to exist in the industry," explained Sundsbø. It was also an opportunity for Sundsbø to discuss the responsibility of a photographer working in the press. he first attended the Hyères Festival in 1999, Sølve Sundsbø has continued to enjoy a stellar career in the world of imagery. In photography, MrSundsbø pushed the boundaries by experimenting with new technologies. He soon took that talent and branched out into videoMrSundsbø is not the man of only one style. His photography is polymorphous and the outlines of his images are constantly changing. Following his return to the Festival in 2003 when he staged an exhibition of his work, MrSundsbø is coming back this year as a member of the photography jury. This role will allow him to discuss the last 15 years of his work ; to explain his approach to creativity to photography and film when working on a commission, with new technologies ; and to explore the key moments in the development of this work through a few case studies

Villa La Romaine
For badged professional only, reservation required, limited seating.

> Sunday, April the 26th, 2015


With :

Coralie Marabelle (2014) www.coraliemarabelle.com
Cunnington & Sanderson (2008), www.cunningtonandsanderson.com
Kenta Matsushige (2014)
Liselore Frowjin (2014) www.liselorefrowijn.com
Louis Gabriel Nouchi (2014) www.louisgabrielnouchi.com
Mareunrol’s (2009), www.mareunrols.com
Marit Ilison (2014), www.maritilison.com
Roshi Porkar (2014)
Satu Maaranen (2013), www.satumaaranen.com
Steven Tai (2012), www.steventai.co.uk
Tiia Siren (2012)
Yulia Yefimtchuk (2014)

Villa Noailles, Tent dedicated to Conferences
Moderated by Raphaëlle Stopin, Curator. 

With : Jeannie Abert (France), Sushant Chhabria (India), Sjoerd Knibbeler (The Netherlands), Wawrzyniec Kolbusz (Poland), Evangelia Kranioti (Greece), David Magnusson (Sweden), Filippo Patrese (Italy), Thomas Rousset (France), Polly Tootal (Great Britain), Oezden Yorulmaz (Germany)

> Monday, April the 27th, 2015

Villa La Romaine
Moderated by Jean-Pierre Blanc, Directeur, Festival International de Mode et de Photographie à Hyères



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