October 20, 2009 - UNICEF - Frimousses de Créateurs - 20 janvier 2011

This November will see the seventh unique exhibition and sale of Frimousse dolls created by the world’s top fashion designers, an event that has become unmissable in the world of fashion. Since 2003, the greatest fashion designers and contemporary artists have worked to create something beautiful to help children, crafting dolls that become veritable works of art. These dolls with a big heart will be exhibited to the public from 10 to 15 November at the Petit Palais, the Museum of Fine Arts in Paris, then will be sold at auction on 19 November at Drouot Montaigne, Paris’s prestigious auction house. Every year, two million children in the world still die of illnesses through not being vaccinated. However vaccination, a method that is both very effective and inexpensive, would prevent these deadly diseases from a very young age and would eradicate this scourge that affects thousands of children every day.

More information on www.unicef.fr

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