Photographer / Cameramen


- Photographer/Cameramen may receive accreditation only if an identified media (written publication or other) submits a proper request to the Federation in the photographer’s name.

- Accordingly, photographer/cameramen are only accredited for the media identified specifically by name that has requested and obtained the photographer’s/cameramen’s accreditation from the Federation.

- Photographer/Cameramen may supply the photos taken and/or audio and visual recordings made by them at fashion shows, or those to which they contributed or which were made under their authority only to those media for which they are officially accredited.

- Photographer/Cameramen are prohibited from supplying their photos and/or audio and visual recordings to any media other than those for which they are accredited and/or from making use of them in any other way without the special written consent of the rights owners.

- Applicant must submit a document entitled “Accreditation Application” with the names and contact information (mailing address in Paris, email address, telephone number) of each member of its technical crew, regardless of whether the member is a photographer or part of the television crew.

- Photographer/Cameramen whose accreditation is requested will receive their notification of accreditation by email at the address indicated by the applicant. A specific document will be sent to them after they are accredited.

- Accreditation badges will be available the night before the presentation of the collections. Badges may only be obtained from the Federation by their rightful holder and may under no circumstances be transferred to a third party. 

- Accreditation badges are hand-delivered, photographer/cameramen have to supply one passport photo as well as show an ID such as an identity card, passport, driving licence. 

- For security reason, some houses will possibly ask photographers to access the podiums with a minimum luggage.

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